About us

Our Bank is one of the most innovative banks in the world. For example, more than a decade ago, First Trust Securities Bank became one of the first in the world, started to use one-time SMS passwords. Recent innovations that have received recognition worldwide, include products such as billing mini-terminal, login to Internet banking via QR code, online encashment and dozens of different mobile applications.

According to the results of recent years, experts call us one of the most dynamic, one of the best banks. But for guidance, shareholders and bank employees the most expensive are growing confidence, that are providing our clients and partners, attention from the potential customers, internationally known corporations, public organizations, rating and analytical agencies.

Why us

We are ready to move mountains to serve the client professionally. If we can't do it ourselves, then attract other staff up to chairman of the management.

We strive to be the most favorite company in the countries of the presence. Our commission and other terms of service should be clear, transparent and fair for customers.


Deposits is the main kind of attracted resources by commercial banks.

You can buy on credit housing and commercial real estate at favorable terms.

"Payment in instalments" is a new unique service, very popular among clients.

Opportunity to purchase a vehicle from the site, saving up to 10 percent of its value.

Our clients

Latest events

Based on the results of the third quarter, the top management of the Bank took leading positions.

With our bank you save! Every third company has a bank account! This means that you save on commissions (payments between bank accounts are free of charge), and your payments are performed instantly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Our Bank won in the nomination "Best Bank deposit programs for the population".

Based on the results of the third quarter, the top management of First Trust Securities Bank took leading positions.

Our Bank performs "winter dreams" of its depositors and gives presents.

Students of professional business school for children MINI BOSS attended Financial Bank trainings.